Posted News: Tue, Sep 5th, 2017
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Two Kurdish citizens wounded in eastern Kurdistan by armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Today, and during a carrier conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s armed forces in the Beaveran area of Sardasht, two of the citizens of the area were targeted by direct shooting and injured.

According to reports, a group of carrier who wanted to cross the southern border of Kurdistan were prevented and arrested by border regiment forces and for this reason, people in the village of Beaveran blocked the main road from the Sardasht city of eastern Kurdistan, preventing the arrest of the carrier, which resulted in the onslaught of the border guards and consequently the entry of the Revolutionary Guards forces and shooting to citizens, and a Kurdish carrier in the name of ” Vahed Nalasi ” wounded.

According to the report, in the aftermath of these clashes and the severity of the armed attacks of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the protesters, a 23 years old girl named Susan Beaverani is set to shoot at the front of his house and she is also wounded.