Posted News: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015
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Army chief: ISIS has support networks in Iran and smuggled in explosives


Maf News: The Islamic State (ISIS) is planning to infiltrate and destabilize Iran but has been unsuccessful in its attempts, said the commander of Iran’s revolutionary guards, adding that the group’s secret cells are under surveillance.

Iran SipaMohammad Ali Jafari, commander in chief of Iran’s armed forces told the media that great amounts of explosives were recently seized in different cities across the country.

“Groups like ISIS have many support networks and not long ago we confronted one of them and all other groups are under complete surveillance and in time we will face them,” Jafari was quoted by Nasim news agency as saying.

The news agency also reported that on Sunday the cells of “two terrorist groups” were unveiled and captured in Sistan and Balochistan and Azerbaijan provinces by the security forces.

“One of the groups was supported by regional countries and had tried to destroy the communication system of Rasik-Iranshehir by detonating 150 kg of explosives,” an Iranian interior ministry official told Nasim on condition of anonymity.

Also on Saturday Iran’s state minister told his country’s Chanel 1 that a number of people had entered Iran to carry out “terrorist acts” during the Ashura ceremony.

These recent comments by Iranian security officials follow a statement by the intelligence minister Mamoud Alavi earlier this month who said that more than 10 cells of armed groups had been broken up across Iran.