Posted News: Wed, Nov 18th, 2015
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Mohammad Amin Abdullahi On Hunger Strike In Birjand Prison


Maf News: Mohammad Amin Abdullahi, political prisoner, who has recently been transferred from Tabas prison, after 10 years in exile, is still being kept in the quarantine ward.

Mihemed Emin EbdulahiMohammad Amin Abdullahi, a Boukan habitant, who has been transferred from Tabas to Birjand prison in October, is facing the rejection of his requests for furlough, conditional release and being transferred to his hometown’s prison, although the bail has been already provided.

His brother has described the condition of this prisoner “hard” and “concerning” and stated that his brother is on hunger strike in protest to this condition.

The family of Mohammad Amin Abdullahi (his wife and child) are living in Boukan and due to the distance and financial difficulties are not able to visit him.

Even though, by serving more than half of the sentence this prisoner could receive conditional release, but the judicial authorities have denied this request for unknown reasons.

Mohammad Amin Abdullahi, the habitant of Boukan, was arrested in autumn 2005 and after passing 15 months in limbo, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and exile to Tabas prison, on charge of belligerence by cooperation with armed Kurdish parties and also propaganda against the regime. He was transferred to Tabas and then Birjand prison, after serving some time in Uremia and Mahabad prisons.